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How to get to Saint-Laurent-du-Var ?

Saint-Laurent-du-Var is a seaside resort ideally located: 30 min from Monaco and Cannes, close to Alpine resorts and at 5 min from the airport of Nice.


Numerous accesses to join the town : train station, airport, motorway, road, cycle track, harbour.




By road :

  • Metropolitan road 7 and 98 (RM 6007/RD6098),
  • Motorway A8, exit 49 “Saint-Laurent-du-Var” (between Cagnes-sur-Mer and Nice)
  • Regional and international  coach links: arrival at the Nice bus station, then regular bus connections from Nice to Saint-Laurent-du-Var
  • Ligne d’Azur (interconnections)
    > 00 33 8 1006 1006 -

 By train :

  • Destinations Antibes or Nice (daily links from major French and foreign cities).
    Information: 3635 or

We are near you:

  • Paris/Nice : 7 hours by high-speed train,
  • Nice/Saint-Laurent : 10 min by Regional Express Train

By plane

  • Nice Côte d’Azur airport, direct worldwide connections. Bus service connects to Saint-Laurent-du-Var.
    Phone number 00 33 0 820 423 333 -

By boat

  • Marina of Saint-Laurent-du-Var
    Enquire at the harbourmaster’s office: 00 33 4 93 07 12 70
  • Port de Nice : Corsica Ferries> 00 33 8 25 09 50 95
    service to Corsica

How to move in Saint-Laurent-du-Var ?


Urban lines

To consult timetables go to Lignes d'Azur website.

Line 42: Le Riou-Collège Pagnol: it provides a road between Cagnes sur Mer and Saint-Laurent-du-Var. From le Domaine du Loup (stop Le Riou), pass by Bourdet Square, then by Les Tuilières street, le chemin du Val Fleuri and join le Collège Pagnol in Saint-Laurent-du-Var. It serves the Tzanck clinical.

Line 51: Saint-Laurent-du-Var-Stade des Iscles-Nice La Plaine: it provides a link between Saint-Laurent-du-Var and Nice La Plaine serving le lycée Hôtelier Paul Augier.

Line 52: Les Pugets/Aicard-Gare routière Nice : link  between Saint-Laurent-du-Var and Nice bus station.

Line 53: Saint-Laurent-du-Var train station- Saint-Laurent-du-Var commercial center : Local link serves train station, Collège Saint Exupéry, Institut Tzanck, Vespins Area and commercial center.

Line 54: La Gaude La Pompe - Commercial center of Saint-Laurent-du-Var : this line serve La Gaude to Saint-Laurent-du-Var by the Corniche d’Agrimont. It serves the College Pagnol too.

Line 55: Saint-Jeannet parking- Saint-Laurent-du-Var commercial center : this line serves a link between commercial center of Saint-Laurent-du-Var and Saint-Jeannet parking.

Line 56: Cagnes-sur-Mer La Grange Rimade- Saint-Laurent-du-Var Pont des Pugets : this line serves Cagnes sur Mer to Saint-Laurent-du-Var by Chênes street. From la Grange Rimade to the Pont des Pugets, it serves Saint-Jean clinic, Bourdet square, the College Saint-Exupéry and the Benes square.

Line 58: Cagnes-sur-Mer Collège Malraux- Saint-Laurent-du-Var commercial center : From the commercial center, this line serves city center of Saint-Laurent-du-Var, the Collège Saint-Exupéry, the chemin des plateaux Fleuris in both directions and  prolonged until Collège Malraux in Cagnes-sur-Mer by the Gros Buaux road.

Creabus 58: from Vespins area until Commercial center and the Domaine de l’étoile of la Gaude.

Departmental lines which serve Saint-Laurent-du-Var

For timetables go to

Line 94: Nice – Vence

Line 200: Nice – Cannes.

Line 217: Nice – Villeneuve Loubet

Line 232: Saint-Laurent-du-Var – Cagnes-sur-Mer – Sophia Antipolis.

Line 400: Nice – Vence par Saint-Paul

Line 500: Nice – Grasse

Line 706: Gattière – Saint-Laurent-du-Var

Line 707: Carros – Saint-laurent-du-Var

For timetables go to or

Line 200: Nice – Cannes


Booking central: +33 (0)4 93 31 31 21

Régional express train (TER)

Line 04: Mandelieu-La Napoule – Grasse – Cannes – Nice – Ventimiglia


12 stations of  bike rental “vélobleus” are implanted in the municipality:

-    201: at the train station - 18 bikes

-    202: Rives d’Or – 9 bikes

-    203: At the angle of the avenue De Gaulle – rue Carlon – 18 bikes

-    204: At Square Benes – 18 bikes

-    205: At Square Médecin – 15 bikes

-    206: Avenue du 11 novembre – 15 bikes

-    207: avenue Moschetti – 12 bikes

-    208: At the angle of the Flots Bleus – 15 bikes

-    209: At the angle of la route du Bord de Mer – avenue France d’Outre Mer – 21 bikes

-    210: Close to the bio market in front of Cap 3000 – 15 bikes

-    211: Avenue Donadeï – 9 bikes

-    212: Avenue Sauvaigo – 15 bikes

For more informations:


On the road of the long-lasting (sustainable) mobility, you will meet in Saint-Laurent-du-Var in the Square BENES (close Djibouti school) your Autobleue station (self-service electric motor car). You will have the possibility of renting a self-service electric motor car 7 days / 7 days and 24H / 24H for your movements for few hours a day.

Information and registrations by telephone: 00 33 977 406 406 (price of a local call). By e-mail: In agency: 17, avenue Thiers 06000 Nice from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am till 7.00 pm, on Saturdays from 08.00 am till 1.30 pm.

Web site:


Free parkings

- CAP 3000 Commercial center parking (until 2 hours)
- City hall parking, Esplanade du Levant
- Parc Layet west parking
- Maona Saint Laurent Marina parking

Paying parkings

- Q-Park Atoll Beach underground parking (avenue Ponant) :
- Flots Bleus parking

- Ponant Parking

Marina parking (except Maona parking)

Camping Car parkings

- Dechame parking - Avenue Teissière - (17h - 10h)


Blue zones parkings

Blue Zone (ZB): free parking limited in time. You have to procure your own blue disc available in the following places:

Car park authorized time: maximum 1 hour

-      Avenue of November 11th, East part between the Street Desjobert and the roundabout of Gueyeurs,
-      Parking of the park Layet located avenue of November 11th: only both sides of the south part,
-      1st basement of the General parking Bettoli avenue de Gaulle (entrance from the parking located in n°16 of the avenue Dechame)
-      Parking in front of gymnasium André Carton (along the game of bowls) roundabout of Gueyeurs
-      Parking of the railroad networks of France located in the crossroads Passage Moatti / boulevard Jean Ossola

Car park authorized time: 30 min maximum

-      Esplanade Edmond Jouhaud side is of the way
-      Avenue Marc Moschetti
-      Impasse de Gaulle, public parking
-      François Bérenger avenue

Car park authorized time: 20 min maximum - stop minutes

-      Avenue of Pugets: side number peers between the Place(Square) Saint Antoine and the street of the Church,
-      Avenue of Pugets: between N 247 and 281 located in the service road at the level of the intersection

Free Wifi access, Category II rating, Tourism and handicap label and the Regional Award for Tourism Innovation :



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